Licensing – Public Performance and Transmission

Universal Music offers non-exclusive licences of its sound recordings and music videos for the following purposes:

(a) transmission/communication to the public (for example, via the television, radio, internet or mobile); and
(b) public performance (for example, playing a CD or music DVD in a restaurant, hairdresser or other business premises).

Click HERE to enquire about obtaining the rights to publicly perform or transmit Universal music or videos 

Once the form has been completed and submitted we will contact you to obtain any further information we require and/or to provide you with a quote for the licence fee.

Licence fees vary depending on the type of use you wish to make of the sound recording or music video. If the quote is accepted we will then issue you with a licence agreement which must be signed and returned and the fee paid before you can use the sound recording or music video.

Please note:

1. Universal Music’s licence is separate from any licence required in relation to the copyright in the music and lyrics on the sound recording or music video. Permission to use musical works and/or lyrics can be sought from APRA and AMCOS on Freephone 0800 692 772, or see

2. A blanket licence to publicly perform or transmit sound recordings or music videos can also be obtained from Recorded Music NZ. Please see or phone Freephone 0800 88 77 69. If you obtain a blanket licence from Recorded Music NZ you will not require an additional licence from Universal.

Licensing – Reproduction

Want to use a Universal Music sound recording in an advertising campaign, student film, corporate video, short film, internal presentation or similar?

Click HERE to complete the Base – Master Rights Form 

A quote will then be sent to you. All quotes are subject to clearance, and clearance may, in fact be denied. If clearance is granted, we will issue you with a Licence Agreement which must be signed and returned before you can use the Sound Recording.

Copyright Notice

The public performance or transmission of any Universal Music protected sound recording or music video without approval and without the appropriate agreement in place and payment of the relevant fee is an infringement of copyright pursuant to the The Copyright Act (1994). Such copyright infringement could expose you and/or your company to substantial monetary damages and injunctive relief in favour of Universal Music New Zealand.